Post-doctoral Fellow in Precision Health

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From discovery to clinical practice

Postdoctoral Scientist (PDF) – The Advanced Clinical Research Institute (ACBRI), Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, LA – Van Eyk Lab

ACBRI, directed by Jennifer Van Eyk, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is recruiting a basic and translational PDF to work in the area of precision health specifically on large-scale projects using proteomics approaches in order to move medicine forward to the next level.  The PDF will be working within dynamic research program and blending high end technology and project with clear clinical relevance. Projects include plasma profiling of populations using remote sampling devices and or large-scale cell and perturbation screening methods for mechanistic and drug target discovery using patient IPSC derived organoids. Working independently but in close cooperation with the other research scientists, clinicians and bioinformatics group at ACBRI to develop, adapt, and implement new research techniques and protocols, analyze and interpret data,  participates in publications and presentations within precision health. The PDF position is for 2-4 year. 

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