Research Associate in Mass spectrometry, proteomics, metabolomics, machine learning

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The Meyer lab in the Biochemistry Department at the Medical College of Wisconsin is seeking a research associates (BS/MS level) with experience or interest in one or more of the following:

  • mass spectrometry (including proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics)
  • machine learning
  • bioinformatics/cheminformatics
  • mammalian/yeast/bacterial tissue culture
  • data exploration and analysis in R/python
  • computational biology

Computational projects in the lab are related to the application of machine learning to biological problems.

Laboratory projects are uniquely tied to machine learning plans, and generally include collection of large volumes of omic data to use with machine learning for prediction of drug binding and function. As a medical center, we also have access to significant EHR data and matched tissue/blood samples in the MCW biobank.

Several ongoing projects aim to improve and apply the recent method I developed called FIA-MAP for fast proteomic analysis. This method enables quantification of up to 500 proteins from cells in only 2-3 minutes per sample! We aim to apply this to quantify proteotypes from thousands of samples instead of the typical 3 replicates over a few conditions.

Please see my website for recent publications and more information.

Milwaukee is an affordable and vibrant city to live in, with an extensive park system, proximity to Lake Michigan, and two professional sports teams!



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