Empowerment Awards

Q4 2021 (Oct 1 – Dec 31) applications are closed. Check back soon for Q1 2022 details!

FeMS is delighted to announce that the decision has been made and the awardees of the FeMS Empowerment Awards Q4 2021 have been notified. Thank you to all of the wonderful award applicants!

Congratulations to the Q4 2021 Empowerment Awards recipients:

  • Gina Barbosa, Central Mindanao University, Philippines
  • Federica Fiorini, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Grenoble Alpes, France
  • Erin Humphries, University of Sydney Australia
  • Manasi Kamat, University of Florida, United States
  • Stephanie Rankin-Turner, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, United States
  • Khawla Seddiki, Université Laval, Canada

FeMS empowerment awards of up to $300 USD are available to FeMS members working or studying within the field of mass spectrometry. Members are encouraged to apply for these funds to cover or offset a range of job- or study-related activities, including (but not limited to): conference or course registration, childcare costs, purchasing of lab supplies, and publication fees.

These awards will be offered on a quarterly basis with a fixed maximum total amount available. For our first round, to be offered in Q4 2021 (i.e. Oct 1 – Dec 31), the maximum pool of funding available is $1500 USD. The awarded money must be spent on the intended activity on or before 31st December 2021.

As part of the application process, applicants will be asked to:
1) Justify the amount of money requested (including proof of cost, where possible)
2) Describe the anticipated impact that the empowerment award will have on the applicant
3) Provide evidence of any other monetary support (or lack of support) available for their intended activity

We anticipate that FeMS empowerment awards will be offered quarterly and FeMS members will have unlimited attempts to apply; however, this award can only be received once per member. Award recipients will be required to provide an update to the FeMS awards committee on the impact of their funding for inclusion in FeMS newsletters and social media.

Further details on how to apply will be released on Oct 1st 2021. Key details and terms for
the FeMS empowerment awards are provided below:

Key Dates for Q4 2021 Round

  • Open October 1st (00:00 UTC+12), close October 14th (23:59 UTC-12)
  • Expected announcement: last week of October/first week of November 2021

Application Requirements

  • A description of the intended use of the FeMS Empowerment Award (max 150 words)
  • A description of the anticipated impact of being awarded a FeMS Empowerment Award (max 150 words)
  • Evidence of the cost and date of the intended activity
  • Evidence of any additional financial support (or lack of financial support) for the intended activity. A letter from a supervisor stating any available funds (or lack of available funds) is preferred.
  • Proof that you are a real, live, human being working or studying in the field of mass spectrometry. A link to a publicly available university or company (or similar) website profile is preferred. Links to publicly available social media profiles may also be considered in some circumstances.

Assessment Process

Applications will be assessed with the following in mind:

  • Enabling demonstrable positive impact on the careers of FeMS members
  • Maximizing the total number of awards able to be given in a single round
  • Ensuring equity amongst underrepresented groups within science
  • Ensuring equal global representation

Applications for FeMS empowerment awards will be assessed by the FeMS Awards Committee. Current committee members include:

  • Thusi Rupasinge, SCIEX, Australia (Co-chair)
  • Sarah Hancock, UNSW Sydney, Australia (Co-chair)
  • Abhigya Mookherjee, University of Washington, USA
  • Caroline Gehin, University of Manchester, UK
  • Julie Courraud, University of Athens, Greece
  • Maia Kelly, in transition, USA
  • Stacy Malaker, Yale University, USA
  • Yasaman Jami, University of California Los Angeles, USA
  • Laura Muehlbauer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

If a large number of applications are received in a given round, other FeMS committee members & members of our scientific and industry advisory boards will be asked to assess applications. Current FeMS committee members, and both scientific and industry advisory board members can be viewed here.

Award Terms

  • FeMS members have unlimited attempts to apply for a FeMS Empowerment Award throughout a year (max 1 per quarter) but can only receive the award once.
  • The awarded money must be spent on or before the end of the quarter (31st December for Q4 2021 round).
  • Successful Q4 2021 empowerment awardees will be required to provide a brief update to the FeMS awards committee within two months of the award date. This will include how the award was spent (including receipts, invoices or other evidence of how the award was spent when money is paid directly to the awardee – see payment of award below for more details) and what the impact of the award was. Where possible, pictures of the funded activity should be included. This information will be made publicly available on the FeMS website, newsletter and social media.
  • Failure to provide an update to the FeMS award committee may render the recipient ineligible for any future award schemes offered by FeMS (monetary or otherwise).
  • Where the award is used to fund conference participation, FeMS must be acknowledged in any oral or poster presentations.
  • Awardees are encouraged to share an update of their funded activity on their own social media profiles acknowledging and tagging FeMS.

Payment of Award

The method of payment of the award to successful recipients is as follows (in order of preference):
1) Direct payment of the intended activity where possible (e.g., conference or course registration, etc.)
2) Transfer by PayPal
Other payment methods will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and may incur a reduction in the total amount awarded to the recipient.