Wikipedia Editing

Help improve representation of mass spectrometry on Wikipedia in two simple steps:

  1. Create a Wikipedia account (if you don’t have one already): Use the “Create account” link in the top right corner on the Wikipedia main page. Choose your username with care—you do not have to be identifiable.
  2. Start editing! Find an article from the List of Female Mass Spectrometrists and begin to edit.

Please don’t edit or create an article about yourself, a close friend, colleague, collaborator, or your employer—this would be considered a conflict of interest on Wikipedia.

* data extracted on April 8, 2022 from MS People (Hannes Röst)

If you are quite new to editing Wikipedia or need a refresher, watch these videos (created in the context of the ArtAndFeminism Wikipedia:Meetup and compiled by 500 Women Scientists):

And for more in-depth topics:

Small Wikipedia Helpers:

Comprehensive Wikipedia Help:

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