Mentorship Program

You are invited to join a FeMS Mentorship Pod. The goal is to develop close bonds with a small group of people from diverse backgrounds at various career stages. This is a global initiative, with organizers based in North America, Europe and Asia.

* Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate, not just females or dolphins 😉 *

  • Each Pod will consist of up to 4 mentors and up to 10 mentees.
  • Mentors and mentees commit to consistent participation throughout the mentoring process.
  • Pods will have regularly scheduled virtual meetings spanning a minimum of 6 months.
  • Meetings can vary in content from traditional mentoring topics to fun activities, for example Game Night, Book Club, themed discussion, guest speakers, etc.
  • A Pod Coordinator will attend a special training session, serve as Pod champion ensuring meeting planning is on track, and serve as a primary point of contact.
  • You may self identify as either a Mentor or Mentee. To clarify the expectations of Mentors, they should support and share with the Mentees their experiences in STEM, and can be in any stage of their career.

FeMS Mentor Pod Round 3 Registration

The third iteration of this program will begin in Fall 2022. Please register your interest using the form below. You will be notified with further instructions as we near the start of round 3. Deadline for registration is September 9, 2022. Assignment to Pods will be on or near September 28, 2022.