September 2022

FeMS Event at the Nordic Metabolomics Conference 2022, with presentations by FeMS, Vanessa Hall (Chairwoman of the Danish Society for Women in Science DANWISE), Lucy Woods (Director of Multiomics Business Unit, Bruker), and by Sofina Begum, the Rosalind Franklin Clinical Metabolomics Award winner. The Rosalind Franklin Clinical Metabolomics Award was sponsored by Bruker. The event was sponsored by SCIEX, with reception, networking opportunities, and complimentary professional portrait session.

If you have taken a complimentary portrait at this FeMS event and have not received an individual email notification by the end of September, please contact Julie Courraud.

Pictures of FeMS members at NMetC 2022.

August 2022

FeMS Mentorship Program Pod Coordinator Informational Sessions (Virtual) to learn more about the responsibilities of a Pod Coordinator.

FeMS Event at the International Mass Spectrometry Conference 2022: An in-person FeMS evening workshop with Anne Bendt, Jennifer Van Eyk, Purva Kulkarni, Manfred Wuhrer, and Berta Cillero Pastor.

FeMS Mentorship Program Informational Sessions (Virtual) Introducing Round 3 of the Mentorship Program!

June 2022

FeMS Virtual Happy Hour on “Leadership: motivation and inspiration” from Professor Coral Barbas of Universidad CEU San Pablo, organized and hosted by Nicola Gray. Thank you to Agilent for sponsoring the Virtual Happy Hour!

In-person event at ASMS: Networking for Scientists: Celebrating Women Mass Spectrometrists
Panelists: Ceylan Bilgin, Erin Baker, Olga Vitek, Lisa Jones and Baljit Ubhi. Organized by organizers Molly Soper-Hopper, Komal Kedia and Aivett Bilbao. A big thank you to Ben Garcia for donating over 100 copies of Mass Spec Mommy for the workshop attendees!

In-person event at ASMS: FeMS Gap Hour Reception at ASMS, sponsored by Agilent
A networking reception where we toasted to our Events Committee Chair Erin Baker, in celebration of her receiving the Biemann Medal Award! We thank the speakers Kristin Burnum-Johnson and Becki Veeneman, and the Women at Agilent group for the attendee gifts!

FeMS Virtual Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in Mass Spectrometry – creating and improving biographies of women mass spectrometrists from Hannes Röst’s list of notable mass spectrometrists. During the edit-a-thon, we made 180 edits on 29 articles, added 17.2k words & 211 references, created 7 new articles on women mass spectrometrists, removed all red links for ASMS women past and present Presidents, and there is now a list of female mass spectrometrists on Wikipedia!

We thank 500 Women Scientists for providing us with training, resources and support to launch our own edit-a-thon! In partnership with Wiki Education, 500 Women Scientists hosts free 6-week training course on Wikipedia editing for their members, with a focus on improving “biographies for women and gender minorities leading in science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine (STEMM)”. We also thank Nick Birse for sharing his Wikipedia expertise during the edit-a-thon!

April 2022

FeMS In-Person Networking Event at MSACL 2022. Special thanks to our sponsor, SCIEX, for making this event possible!

March 2022

2022 Agilent Darlene Solomon Award Ceremony

November 2021

FeMS In-Person Events at ASMS 2021

  • Amina Woods Celebration Dinner, sponsored by MassTech and FeMS
  • Workshop on Networking for Scientists: Celebrating Women Mass Spectrometrists, with panelists Lingjun Li, Jennifer Liddle, Lisa O’Callaghan, and Jessica Prenni; hosted by Komal Kedia, Anumita Saha, and Erin Baker
  • FeMS Networking Dinner, sponsored by MOBILion Systems
  • FeMS Virtual Social

October 2021

FeMS Virtual Happy Hour on imposter syndrome led by Dr. Devin Horton, the Graduate Diversity Officer for STEM disciplines at UC Davis.

FeMS Transition Talks with Azhar Orynbek, Carolina Rojas Ramirez, and Lyndsay Young. Click on the speakers’ names to check out their LinkedIn profiles!

September 2021

FeMS Virtual Happy Hour on leadership and career legacy from Professor Margaret Sheil AO, Vice Chancellor and President of Queensland University of Technology, organized and hosted by Sarah Hancock.

FeMS Mentorship Program Round 2 kick-off session, from the FeMS Mentoring Committee: Amber Herold, Michelle Reid, Mona Khorani, Susan Egbert, Nancy Lee Alexander, Khyati Mehta.

August 2021

FeMS Virtual Happy Hour discussion on working in industry versus academia led by Parnian Lak and Elizabeth Hecht, hosted by Mona Khorani.

July 2021

1st International Virtual Symposium of Female Scientists and Supporters in Mass Spectrometry (2021), co-organized by FeMS and This session featured presentations from FeMS board members Erin Baker, John Yates, Anne Bendt and Hui Ye, as well as active FeMS members Lingjun Li, Ying Ge and Catherine Wong, and dditional presentations from Ying Zhang, Jianhui Li, Ling Fu, Qiaohong Lin and Jiawen Lyu.

FeMS Virtual Happy Hour on startup companies and technology transfer, with Megan Aanstoos, Laurie Parker and Yan Hu, led by Susan Gelman.

June 2021

FeMS Transition Talks with Kate Fell, Ksenia Kuznetsova, and Crystal Pace. Click on the speakers’ names to check out their LinkedIn profiles!

FeMS Virtual Happy Hour on motherhood and career challenges with Kari Basso, Sarah Hancock, Baljit Ubhi, and Catherine Wong.

May 2021

FeMS Virtual Happy Hour on job interviewing with Jessica Espino, Stacy Malaker, Devin Schweppe, and Hui Ye.

April 2021

FeMS Virtual Happy Hour on “The Journey to Discovering Your Worth”, led by Baljit Ubhi

FeMS Transition Talks with Bini Ramachandran and Habib Gholipour-Ranjbar. Click on the speakers’ names to check out their LinkedIn profiles!

March 2021

An excellent panel discussion on building an inclusive community, with Sasha Kosanic, Christina Jones, and Sam Sharpe, moderated by Rowan Matney.

First set of FeMS Transition Talks in 2021 with Cameron Naylor, Sanghamitra Majumdar and Wout Bittremieux. Click on the speakers’ names to check out their LinkedIn profiles! Click here to watch recording.

The Darlene Solomon Award Ceremony at iSLS9: congratulations to the 2021 award recipient, Noemi Jiménez-Rojo!

February 2021

Virtual screening and discussion of “Picture a Scientist” to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11th. This screening was generously sponsored by MSACL.

January 2021

FeMS Happy Hour with Nirmala Gratton, LMFT – a discussion on mental health.

December 2020

FeMS Holiday Party

FeMS Transition Talks with Devin Swiner and Erin Panzyck. Click on the speakers’ names to check out their LinkedIn profiles!

November 2020

FeMS Transition Talks with Sitora Khodjaniyazova, Tessa Moyer and Olga Vvedenskaya. Click on the speakers’ names to check out their LinkedIn profiles!

October 2020

FeMS Transition Talks with Ritu Chaturvedi, Gayathree Karthikkeyan and Charles Mobley. Click on the speakers’ names to check out their LinkedIn profiles!

FeMS Happy Hour with Vicki Wysocki (Associate Editor, Analytical Chemistry), John R. Yates III (Editor-in-Chief, JPR), Julia Laskin (Co-Editor-in-Chief, IJMS) and Joseph A. Loo (Editor-in-Chief, JASMS) – a panel discussion on tips and tricks for successful manuscripts and helpful review.

September 2020

FeMS Transition Talks with Lauren Pepi, Vineeta Rai, and Hossein Shokri. If you are hiring new talent, click on the speakers’ names to check out their LinkedIn profiles!
Video coming soon!

FeMS Transition Talks with Michelle Reid and L. Tamina Hagemann. If you are part of a company looking to hire new talent, be sure to click on the speakers names to check out their LinkedIn profiles!

FeMS Happy Hour with Dr.Michelle Reid on mentorship! This video also features the launch of our mentor program and discussions on what the FeMS community is hoping to gain from the experience.

August 2020

FeMS Transition Talks with Ettore Gilardoni, Daniel Mouzo Calzadilla, and Alexandra Iakab. If you are looking for a new postdoc in your lab be sure to click their names to find them on LinkedIn!

FeMS Happy Hour with Professor Ute Roessner (University of Melbourne) on Resilience

July 2020

FeMS Mass Spec Mixers: Transition Talks with Jessica Espino, Nicholas Lesner, and Alyson Black. Be sure to click on each of the speakers names to check out their LinkedIn profiles!

FeMS Happy Hour with Merck Recruiter MJ Paulines on Tips, Tricks and Advice for Industry and Pharmaceutical Interviews

June 2020

FeMS Happy Hour with the Founders of Black Coalition of Mass Spectrometrists (Candice Ulmer, Christina Jones, Michelle Reid) on Systemic Racism in STEM

May 2020

FeMS Happy Hour with Yu Xia (Tsignhua University) on Mentoring Across Cultures

FeMS Happy Hour with SCIEX President Inese Lowenstein on Her Career Journey

April 2020

FeMS Happy Hour with Thermo Fischer Scientific Director of Global Commercial Operations Isa Cabruja on How to Build Great Teams

FeMS Happy Hour with Cathy Costello (Boston University) and Jennifer van Eyk (Cedars-Sinai) on the Inspiration Behind their Science

Catherine E. Costello Award for Females in Mass Spectrometry Ceremony at MSACL with Recipient Sarah B. Riley