As a community-driven initiative, FeMS awards and events cannot happen without support and we are very grateful for the generous contributions of our sponsors.

For more information about the levels of sponsorship, please kindly refer to the FeMS Sponsor Prospectus.

We sincerely thank our sponsors!

Platinum Sponsor:

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Award Sponsors:

Agilent (2021 & 2022 Darlene Solomon Agilent Award)
Avanti Polar Lipids Inc. (2020 Catherine E. Costello Award for Females in Mass Spectrometry)
Bruker (2022 Rosalind Franklin Clinical Metabolomics Award)
Indigo BioAutomation (2022 Indigo BioAutomation Rising Star Award and the Distinguished Contribution Award)
MassTech (2021 ASMS Amina Woods Celebration Dinner)
MOBILion (2021 ASMS FeMS Networking Dinner)
MSACL (Picture a Scientist screening, website)
Thermo Fisher Scientific (Out of the Shadows Leadership Development Program 2023)
SCIEX (2021 MSACL LC-MS/MS 101 Scholarships; 2022 Q1 FeMS Empowerment Awards; FeMS in-person networking event at MSACL 2022; FeMS Event at the Nordic Metabolomics Conference 2022)
Waters (FeMS Empowerment Awards)

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