Rosalind Franklin Clinical Metabolomics Award

Members of FeMS with Rosalind Franklin Clinical Metabolomics Award recipient, Sofina Begum. Eight women standing on the stage of conference hall in two rows in front of podium. Sofia Begum holding the award certificate.

FeMS is pleased to announce the launch of the Rosalind Franklin Clinical Metabolomics Award, in collaboration with Bruker, and the Danish Clinical Metabolomics Network. Congratulations to the award recipient, Dr. Sofina Begum!

Application for 2022 is now closed.

Award brief description

Reimbursement of expenses for an early career scientist in the field of clinical metabolomics to visit Bruker facilities in Bremen, Germany and attend the Nordic Metabolomics Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The conference was organized by the Nordic Metabolomics Society.

  • Awardee Profile: Early-career scientists of all working environments.
  • Region: Global
  • Award Details: Visit Bruker’s state-of-the-art facilities in Germany, and attend the Nordic Metabolomics Society Conference #NMetC2022, September 6-9, 2022, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Application due date: July 31, 2022